During my travels, I take photographs to revisit the connections made that are too valuable to be left to the memory banks alone.

Dargah in rural Telangana

Shijra (genealogy) of a Sufi

Families from rural Karnataka visiting a Khanaqah

Langar (free food gatherings) organized and advertized through WhatsApp groups by a Khanaqah

Fields in a village in West Bengal

Bird roosting in rural West Bengal

Thatched structure to store grain deep in rural West Bengal

An abandoned structure in the Bengali countryside

Photograph with the Madrasa management in rural West Bengal

Visit to a Madrasa in rural West Bengal

Street art fair in Kolkata city, West Bengal

Art festival in Kolkata city, West Bengal

Qutub Shahi complex in Hyderabad under restoration by the Archaeological Survey of India

Old water reservoir in use near Hyderabad

Shopping in full swing for the festival of Eid in an Old Delhi bazaar at Jama Masjid

Families breaking the Ramazan fast inside the Mughal royal mosque, Jama Masjid, in Old Delhi

A temporary house constructed by the nomadic Gujjar tribe of Kashmir

Cattle being herded by shepherds in Kashmir

Streams, meadows, and forests in Yusmarg, Kashmir

A cap seller outside Hazratbal shrine, Kashmir

Farming activity of a Self-Help Group (SHG) member in Tamil Nadu

Drip irrigation method adopted by SHG members in Tamil Nadu

Fruits of SHGs

Local NGO's map of villages and blocks where SHGs are successful